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Guelph Community Boating Club Rules and Regulations

As a GCBC member you enjoy the privilege of using the Club’s facilities and activities and must accept the responsibility not to diminish the pleasure of other members. The Club functions only through the cooperation of its members.

Club Rules

Some rules are necessary to ensure the enjoyment for all but they have been kept to a minimum. Generally, common sense should prevail.

  1. The main gate must be kept locked at all times. Never allow non-members to access the site. Note: on certain regatta weekends the gate will be left open from 8 - 10:30 AM to allow out of town sailors to arrive.
  2. Boats, canoes and boards should only be kept in designated locations. If in doubt, ask a board member.
  3. Transom stickers must be affixed to your boat/board at all times.
  4. Fishing is not permitted on the main launch dock.
  5. Boats should be kept on a trailer or dolly to protect the grass, and must be tied down.
  6. Members are responsible for keeping the grass cut around their boat site. The lawnmower is located under the northwest corner of the clubhouse.
  7. Members are responsible for the removal of their garbage from the site.
  8. Vehicles are not to be parked: in front of the drive shed, in front of boats other than your own, at the Fire Pit Point (the Flagstaff) or anywhere else that impedes the enjoyment of the club. Please use common sense.
  9. Pets must be kept under control and owners are responsible to clean up after them.
  10. Any behavior that diminishes the enjoyment of the club by others may result in the membership being revoked at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  11. The club can only be accessed from 6:00am to 11:00pm from May-August, and 7:00am-10:00pm September-April. Email if you wish to access the club outside of these times, at least a week in advance.

Note: The club is not responsible for members boats or other equipment on the site at any time.


  1. Guests are welcome but if they are frequent visitors (more than twice yearly), encourage them to become members themselves.
  2. All members share responsibility for the site and are encouraged to help maintain it at all times.
  3. The Law requires one Canadian-approved PFD or lifejacket of appropriate size for each person on board. The GCBC strongly encourages that they be worn at all times when under way.
  4. Check the weather forecast before you go out. Appropriate links are on the Home page.
  5. Check your boat before and after a storm to ensure its safety.

Co-op Boats

Co-op boats are available on a first come, first served basis. Co-op members must demonstrate adequate sailing skills before using any club owned boat. Co-op members may obtain information from, and report boat repair requirements to Gordon Milley. Co-op members must have and use their own PFD.

Winter Storage

Any hulls still on the site after Nov. 30th will be subject to membership dues for the upcoming year and the hull will not be released until such dues have been paid.


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