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Welcome to the Co-op

A very popular part of our club, Co-op members have a variety of boats to enjoy without the burden of having to own a boat.

The Co-op program is a great way to meet other members as well, come out on Thursday evenings starting in May, and there are people around to greet you and show you around.

Cost: $50 per family (must purchase membership as well)

The Co-op fleet consists of:

  • Three 2-4 person boats: two CL14's and a Wayfarer
  • Twelve one person boats:  four Lasers,  two Sunfish, two Optimist prams, three Mosquitoes and an Invitation.
  • Two kids boats: two Open Bics  
  • Five racing boats: three Snipes and two Lasers. Please check in with a board member before using a racing boat.
  • Three canoes and a sit on kayak.

It's first come, first served, but our members take pride in sharing and helping other sailors.

If you're a new sailor, or a little out of practice, you'll be able to book lessons with one of our instructors starting in May!

The Europe, the race rigged Lasers and the Snipes are high performance boats. You must be checked out before setting out in these boats.

Co-op Sign-out Rules

If there is a problem with rigging on a Co-op boat: take another boat and contact Leo Arseneault, the Co-op Director, with details of the problem.

Do not remove rigging or parts! Keep the  Racing Snipe and Lasers as they are! If you can’t rig it, don’t take it out!

When storing boats, make sure they are set up to drain properly. Plugs out, bailers open and leveled to suit the boat. (Imagine what would happen if it rained)

  • be able to identify the proper sails and gear for the boat.
  • know how to rig the boat properly.
  • have all required safety equipment on board.
  • wear your own properly fitting PFD
  • know the basic knots. Bowline, Figure-Eight and Reef Knot
  • know how to right the boat after a capsize.
  • know the basic rules of right-of-away.
  • match your abilities to the weather.
  • If you are not sure about something, just ask!


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