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Gate lock

  • 27 Aug 2021 8:33 AM
    Message # 10960831

    Hi all, I emailed this information a few weeks ago but received no response so looking around the site here I found the "forum" and will post it here.  I hope members use this forum but if not perhaps someone in charge, if and when reading it, will email all members with the info.

    Twice the past month I found the gate unlocked when entering, and then when leaving (on a different day).  The tumblers were at the same setting as the code and left there... that's why.  (sure hope it wasn't done on purpose to let a friend or someone else in... )

    Just reminding folks that after opening or closing the lock, the tumblers must be moved around so they don't sit on the code numbers you just used.  I know most know this but perhaps new members do not.

    I'd hate to come in one day and find my kayak stolen.

    By the way, on the positive side I think our new gate and lock system are awesome... !  Many thanks to those in charge for putting them in.

    Thanks for reading... Stay safe.  Jude

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